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Positive H2O is a movement for clean water that brings together a community of athletes, conservationists, non-profits and corporations to create purposeful solutions that facilitate positive change on a local to global scale.

From the depths of the sea to the sky above...
  • We believe that athletes can chase their dreams and desires, while also becoming positive role models and heros for this generation, and the generations to come. 

  • We believe in a bright future, but it can only happen by our own actions. We are a lifestyle and philosophy company that is aligning people with projects, taking responsible approaches and working with notoriety to bring awareness to important issues. 

  • We believe that water is the energy that sustains. We want future generations to have access to clean water as well as having clean water playgrounds. 

  • We believe in the power of the people. People are looking for outlets to express gratitude, do good things and give back. Our networking philosophy bridges a new era of collaboration, bringing individuals together to inspire awareness about living healthy, conscious and creative lifestyles in harmony with the environment. Media provides the tools to engage the masses.



The purchase of one pair of Freewaters allows us to provide clean drinking water for one individual for one entire year.

Greetings. We are Freewaters, a small group on a mission to improve the quality of life through superior product experience and by helping find solutions to the global drinking water pandemic.  We are two industrial designers and longtime friends.  We have a shared addiction to pushing the limits of design, wearing sandals 24-7, spending as much time in the water as possible and a common desire to make the world a better place.   
As humans, we grew tired of procrastinating to make the world a better place.  We believe access to clean water is a basic human right.  As individuals we have the power to create profound changes one small step at a time.  With over 3,300,000 people dying every year from dirty water and a lack of proper hygiene, we felt compelled to get involved - and what better way then through creating great sandals. 
We are pleased to announce that six wells have now been completed in Tulwet Kenya and are now transforming thousands of lives.  Previously forced to walk long distances to draw from contaminated and unreliable sources, local families now have clean and consistent sources of ground water close to their homes.
ProjectFreewaters will continue a focused and clustered approach in Tulwet to provide substantial and sustainable benefits to this region.  As global citizens and as a global company, our vision is to launch projects on other continents both in developing countries and where Freewaters are sold because the global water crisis effects us all.