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Al Jazeera - NewsHour

Washington, D.C. 
November 15, 2013

UCCHM Director Dr. Jay Famiglietti speaks with Al Jazeera English about water issues on a global scale. Due to massive redistributions of water and the mismanagement of surface and groundwater resources in the United States and all over the world, global water inequity is a growing trend. Going forward, transboundary water diplomacy will become increasingly important, as the depletion of freshwater resources will lead to fighting between neighboring countries. Recorded live in Washington, DC in conjunction with the International Conference on Water Security and Peace.



The Desert Sun
September 9, 2013

Water Use in the Desert
A look at the Coachella Valley's water usage as part of the iSun Special Report: Aquifer at Risk.

Measurements of water levels in wells reveal long-term declines in aquifer
Water pumped from hundreds of wells has transformed the desert of the Coachella Valley into a lush patchwork of golf courses, farms, resorts and swimming pools. Those wells draw heavily from the underground aquifer year after year and have led to dramatic declines in water levels, posing serious long-term risks for the water supply.
Check out the interview with UCCHM Director Jay Famiglietti and the analysis provided by UCCHM Researcher Brian Thomas. Read more

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