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Conserve Your 20% - The Children's Water Education Festival is an annual event hosted by Disneyland and the Orange County Water District and held at UC Irvine. Each year, thousands of students from the Orange County area attend the festival to learn the ins and outs of water from local experts and research groups. For this year's presentation, the UCCHM team decided to focus on the California drought, helping students visualize water in everyday items and how the drought will directly impact the food on their plates. This infographic was designed specifically to give young students the tools they need to take ownership of their water conservation.

Groundwater Depletion in the Colorado River Basin These are the general facts and findings of a soon-to-be-published paper on groundwater depletion in the Colorado River Basin by UCCHM’s Stephanie Castle (coauthored by UCCHM's Jay Famiglietti, Brian Thomas, JT Reager, NASA Goddard's Matt Rodell and Sean Swenson of NCAR). Surface water in the basin has been closely monitored for years, while groundwater (an equally important resource) is slowly disappearing.





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