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The Hydrologic Information Portal - HIP

Some hydrological data sets, such as basin climatology, precipitation, and terrestrial water storage are not easily obtained and distributed due to their scale and complexity. For that reason the University of California Center for Hydrologic Modeling (UCCHM) has developed and implemented the Hydrologic Information Portal (HIP) through which such hydrological data sets are easily accessible and visualized.
The implemented data visualization features allow users to search, retrieve, analyze, integrate, organize and map data and create an easy navigation for large scale data. Future steps for HIP will be to incorporate more local and global data sets and the ability to download research results through improved interface functionality. 

The current data represents climatology data including precipitation and temperature. 

Click the arrow once for water balance data including precipitation, evapotranspiration and GRACE total water storage. 
Click anywhere on the plots to download the data in text format.